A Kenyan Woman's Account; Caught in The Act (PART I)

Well it's Friday, no need to PG rate anything. I have a pretty steamy tale for y'all, come one, come all and here it goes.

We've all heard that tale about the woman, or occasional man, who caught their significant other in bed with another woman/man. However, I have my own sordid tale of how I was that other woman caught in bed with someone's man. I won't sit here and lie that I didn't know that he was a married man or that he lied to me, truth is I just didn't care.

Yes, I am woman after all and we do a lot of downright stupid things in the quest of 'trapping a man's heart.' There I was in Mr. Lawyer's office on a particularly sunny July afternoon in 08. I needed him to certify some documents for me.

Now I should probably backtrack to how I first met Mr. Lawyer. In a particularly small yet upscale club in Westlands, my friend had dragged me to meet her latest catch - a sugar daddy she'd met on a local dating site that was popular back then. I always tagged along on such meets, come on free drinks in an upscale joint came highly welcome for a fun-loving uni girl.

We get to the club and Mr. Sugardaddy is there with 3 of his friends including Mr. Lawyer. Mr. Lawyer caught my attention off the bat. He was quite good looking and seemingly younger than the other lot. We receive quite the welcome, with Mr. Sugardaddy practically eating us up with his eyes as well as his 2 other friends except for Mr. Lawyer who seemed disinterested.

The night grew old, a couple of drinks later and I had warmed up to 2 of Mr. Sugar Daddy's friends who were rather welcoming. It takes the right amount of alcohol to help you socialize with just about anyone and I was enjoying it. Unfortunately, the 2 men decided to call it a night and there I was left with my girl who was engrossed in a PGS (Public Groping Session) with Mr. Sugar Daddy and a colder than cold Mr. Lawyer who had been on his iPad for practically the whole time.

What else could I do? Phone fished out of my clutch and I was soon engrossed in my other friends' enviable lives on Facebook. I hadn't updated my profile picture in ages, and what would make a better photo other than me against the backdrop of the upscale club? There I was trying to take a good selfie. "Let me help you with that." Said Mr. Lawyer. He actually startled me, because the man had been lost in his own world the entire night I thought he barely knew I existed.

I handed over my phone and he looked at it before proceeding to take the photo and said "you need a better phone."

I couldn't believe it, the nerve he had to insult the Chinese phone I had scrapped my cash up to buy. "But you do justice to the camera, there you go. The last 3 are the best." He chimed on as he handed the phone back. That's when I noticed the ring, I mean of cause I knew that he was married. They all usually end up being married.

"I didn't get your name," he continued breaking my thoughts trying to decipher his sudden mood change. "I'm Elsa," I said offering my hand. "That's an unusual name for a Kenyan, let me guess you are from the lakeside?" He said as he took my hand in his and stared me straight in the eyes. This guy must think he's something, I thought.

"Elsa Melissa and none of your business, those are my names." I couldn't help it, I just never take crap from a man regardless of who they are and he was no exception at that point.

"I seem to have pulled a cord, I apologize. Tribal matters are deeply engraved in people my age, but I understand that your generation doesn't ... how can I put it - give a damn." I couldn't help but smile, who knew the good looking yet grumpy silent man actually could talk?

"Exactly, my generation as you put it doesn't care about such things. I'd rather judge you based on who you are as a person." I said and he fell silent for a while.

"Interesting way of thinking, I didn't expect that from you." He said as he moved to sit closer to me on my side of the booth.

"Masking an insult in a compliment doesn't work with me," I told him, but this stupid smile just couldn't leave my face. He smiled back, a devilish kind of smile and I don't know why it did some things to my body. Maybe it was also because of the fact that he was now irresistibly close to me.

"Seems like you two of you have finally hit it off." Mr. Sugar Daddy butted in out of the blue. "Of cause, they eventually had to start talking." My girl chirped in and winked at Mr. Sugar Daddy, it just hit me then that it was a complete setup. Somehow, I just didn't care because I had truly started enjoying the little conversation with Mr. Lawyer.

"We are going to check up on the car, we'll be right back." My girl said as she pulled up Mr. Sugar Daddy with her. I knew all too well what that meant, but Mr. Lawyer didn't allow me to dwell on it. There I was, left alone with Mr. Lawyer and he was staring me straight in the eyes. "What did you say you are studying again in Uni?" He asked throwing me off, come on we were all alone and that's what he wanted to talk about? "I'm a Law student." I replied disinterestedly as I sipped on my cocktail.

The alcohol was definitely in my head and I couldn't help getting a little bit touchy. My hand found itself brushing against his and circling the expensive looking watch he had on. He laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked genuinely suprised at what I thought was a reaction to my subtle yet obvious flirtatious acts to him.

"This is the best way I can explain about what I find funny,"he said as he fished a silver card holder from his pocket. He removed his business card and handed it over to me. Mr. Lawyer and Co. Advocates, he is a lawyer, who owns a law firl I thought and my eyes clearly said it. "What are the chances?" He said as he chuckled. "So this pretty face and smashing body is intelligent?" He said as he grabbed my right hand that was circling his left hand and started running his fingers along the length of my right arm. I was blushing like an idot, I couldn't help it. Before I could even think of anything to say, he kissed me. It caught me by suprise, but I reciprocated his kiss and it graduadly started growing steamier.

"Mh mh," someone coughed and it was my girl. She was back with Mr. Sugar Daddy and her out of place hair said it all about what they'd been up to. "That was fast." Mr. Sugar Daddy said and Mr. Lawyer responded "I could say the same about you." We all burst out laughing. I can't remember much more about the night, but we drunk some more and talked including planning a getway weekend. Nothing more happened between Mr. Lawyer and me that night, except for exchanging numbers and a kiss goodnight when he dropped my girl and I off to the apartment we shared then.

Weeks went by without hearing anything from Mr. Lawyer. Despite my girls excuses for his silence,  I swiftly deleted his number and he was long forgotten or maybe not. Just a day after deleting his number came a call, I knew precisely who it was but I had to give him a hard time."Who is it?" I asked.

"Is that what young girls do, take numbers and delete them when they meet someone else?" He replied in his sarcastic tone. "Insults don't tell me who you are!" I responded not knowing that I had betrayed myself.

"I see you remember?" He said in a knowing tone and before I could come up with a clever response he added "When are we going on our first date?" I was toungue tied not knowing what to say. "Tonight sounds fine to me too," he continued. "I'll pick you up at 6." He added and hang up.

This man had me all sorts of confused, he doesn't call after a night that ended up being pleasantly suprising and yes the fact that he was definitely a married man did not once play into the reasons why I was apparently angry at him. None the less, I planned to skyve class that day and meet Mr. Lawyer up for our first date.

PART II Coming soon....

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