A Kenyan Woman's Account; Caught in The Act (PART II)

Recap on what this tale is all about; we've all heard a story about someone who caught their wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend and a bunch of other relations in bed with someone else. Well, this is my own tale about how I was caught in bed with someone's husband. Being a Friday yet again, let's continue with the steamy tale.

My girl had tagged me along to meet her sugar daddy at one of Westlands' upscale clubs and it was there that I met Mr. Lawyer. He was cold as the Polar Ice Caps initially, but things took a turn and we sort of hit it off - or so I thought. 3 weeks and no phone call from Mr. Lawyer or even a 'Please Call Me,' I mean I don't give out my number to decorate people's phones!

The call came through about 3 weeks later and he set up a date for us. There I was in a conundrum, to miss class for this date with a married man or leave him hanging dry. Of cause I chose the first option. I got ready, dressed in the shortest dress I had and the highest heels I could find, there I was waiting for Mr. Lawyer to pick me up at 6 for our date.

6 on the dot he was there and all plans I had to give him a cold treatment in return for his behaviour flew out the window when I saw him. Dressed in a fitted suit, cufflinks and in his Chrysler I sat there like a dumb-founded school girl blushing as he marveled at how I look. He unbuckled his seat belt and my heart skipped a beat, I sat at the passenger seat waiting for a kiss as he leaned in towards me. He brushed the hairs of my Brazilian weave back and stared me right in the eyes. "You know what, it's best if you drive. I can't trust myself to concentrate on the road with you looking like this." He said in the sexiest tone ever. He abruptly opened the door to the driver's side and got out, I did the same and we switched.

There I was driving a Chrysler, seated next to the sexiest man in Kenya, praying hard that I wouldn't crush the car. "Where are we going?" I asked just after turning the key in the ignition. "Don't worry, I'll guide you." He said smiling devlishly and I knew he meant that he would guide me through more than just the Nairobi roads.

It was unnerving, because I barely knew how to drive well. I was one of those people whose parents took them to driving school right after form 4 only to never let them touch their cars afterwards. He was a gentleman about it and he did guide me through as we made our way out of the city towards Naivasha. I was pleasantly surprised at our destination, I hadn't expected it to be an out-of-the-city kind of date.

That's when it hit me! He definitely didn't want to run into anyone he knew when he was with me. I was about to go into my 'bitch-zilla mode,' something my girls came up with as a label to when a woman is extremely pissed off and is about to load it all off on a guy. However, he didn't give me the opportunity. We were given a grand welcome at the posh resort we drove up to in Naivasha.

A concierge ushered us right from the driveway all the way to a beautiful garden, elegantly lit with Chinese lanterns and a swimming pool lingering in the background. He began to narrate to us everything to do with the establishment, and being that we had the place all to ourselves they would be at our beck and call should we need anything. He then walked away.

My face lit up, 'place all to ourself?' Before I could register what he had said, Mr. Lawyer cupped the back of my neck with one hand and the small of my back with his other, in a swift move he pulled me towards him and landed a passionate kiss on my lips. The world seemed to stop, sparks were flying all around and the bulge I felt protruding through his suit pants drove me nuts. I locked my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I was ready for this man to rip up my clothes and take me there and then. We were interrupted by a waiter clearing his throat. I was embarrassed, but Mr. Lawyer was completely unfazed. He led the way as the waiter told us that dinner was ready.

I don't know why I was so embarrassed after our little encounter, but I couldn't stop blushing as we sat down for dinner. His phone rang, he looked at it and cancelled the call. I knew that was strange, but he kept to his charms throughout dinner. I somehow couldn't help myself; I was eating quickly, yes the food was delicious, but I also couldn't wait for what was to come after dinner.

"I like a girl who is no afraid to eat," he commented smiling. "Well food was meant to be eaten, wasn't it?" I replied and he laughed at the suggestiveness. "Seems like we are done, why don't we go for a couple of drinks?" He said as he stood up and pulled my chair. Yet again, he ushered me on and led the way following behind me to the bar area. We sat by the bar area on extraordinarily tall bar chair.

At the bar area, a bartender was mixing up some cocktails. "I hope you don't mind, I ordered us some a few other drinks. So that the good bartender can close up early enough." He said winking at me. I couldn't help blushing and the waiter had a sheepish smile on his face as he finished up mixing the drinks. He handed me my cocktail first and handed Mr. Lawyer a glass of whisky (Glenfiddich, double on the rocks. His favorite drink I soon came to learn).

The bartender stood there watching us take our first sips. I took a sip of the cocktail, which was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted yet it had a distinct kick to it. I mentioned it and Mr. Lawyer and the bartender shared a chuckle. Mr. Lawyer on the other hand started out with smelling the whisky. I expected him to down the glass, but he simply took a sip and savored its taste. He simply gave a nod to signal his satisfaction and the bartender took his leave seeing that we were both content with our drinks.

We sat there in silence for a while, not awkward silence, sipping on our drinks and simply enjoying the moment. That's when he asked me a question that took me aback, "you probably want to be a successful lawyer, I can see you becoming a judge someday. Do you have marriage in that equation and would you consider being a second wife?" He finished off by sipping on his whisky, never taking his eyes off me even for a second. I almost choked on my drink, because all manner of thoughts were swimming around my head as I thought about the right answer.

In all honesty, my feelings towards marriage were mixed, coming from a broken home background, but I didn't rule out the thought of getting married someday. But as a second wife, does any woman ever make that decision off the bat that they are going to be a second wife?

"Well, I can't rule out marriage and I guess I can't rule out the circumstances that will lead me into marriage." I answered and took a larger gulp of my cocktail, which had already gotten into my head. All this time he hadn't taken his eyes off me for even a second. He finished off his drink in one swig and pulled my bar chair closer to him and in the same swift move planted a kiss on my lips. The kiss grew more passionate and I just had the inclination to take the lead.

I pulled back momentarily and got off the chair, I grabbed his hand ushering him to do the same. I led him to the nearby bar lounge seat and gave him a slight shove, indicating that I wanted him to take a sit. I then straddled him and looked him in the eyes, he was clearly aroused and was waiting in anticipation for what I had in store.

I started slowly grinding on him. His eyes were stuck on mine, urgency written all over them. I kept at it and he grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to his stone hard manhood and planted a deep kiss on my mouth. Things were getting heated and I found myself fumbling with the zipper of his pants. He kissed me more deeply, but then pulled away. "Let's go to the room." He whispered as he lifted me effortlessly carrying me towards the room, his lips never leaving mine.

At the room, we did what any two hot-blooded grown adults would behind closed doors. Little to say, I was addicted and so was he. Soon his wife became a distant memory to me and according to me, I was dating the man of my dreams. We kept on with our new relationship, going on several similar out-of-towners and soon came the apartment and car. And somewhere down the line, the wife...

(To be continued)

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